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2 months ago

17.3.0-rc.0 (2024-03-06)


Commit Description
fix - 5afa4f0ec1 support ModuleWithProviders literal detection with typeof (#54650)
fix - ae7dbe42de unwrap expressions with type parameters in query read property (#54647)


Commit Description
feat - fb540e169a add migration for invalid two-way bindings (#54630)
feat - c687b8f453 expose new output() API (#54650)
feat - c809069f21 introduce outputFromObservable() interop function (#54650)
feat - aff65fd1f4 introduce outputToObservable interop helper (#54650)
fix - 33a6fab094 apply TestBed provider overrides to @defer dependencies (#54667)
fix - 78e69117f0 generic inference for signal inputs may break with --strictFunctionTypes (#54652)
fix - 7243c704cf return a readonly signal on asReadonly. (#54706)
fix - ffad7b8ea9 untrack various core operations (#54614)


Commit Description
feat - c1c7384e02 Add reusable types for router guards (#54580)

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