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2 months ago

17.3.0 (2024-03-13)


Commit Description
feat - 1a6beae8a2 Enable template pipeline by default. (#54571)
fix - f386a04c9d handle two-way bindings to signal-based template variables in instruction generation (#54714)
fix - 1f129f114e not catching for loop empty tracking expressions (#54772)


Commit Description
fix - 12dc4d074e account for as expression in docs extraction (#54414)
fix - da7fbb40f0 detect when the linker is working in unpublished angular and widen supported versions (#54439)
fix - 492e03f699 flag two-way bindings to non-signal values in templates (#54714)
fix - 5afa4f0ec1 support ModuleWithProviders literal detection with typeof (#54650)


Commit Description
feat - 331b16efd2 add API to inject attributes on the host node (#54604)
feat - fb540e169a add migration for invalid two-way bindings (#54630)
feat - c687b8f453 expose new output() API (#54650)
feat - c809069f21 introduce outputFromObservable() interop function (#54650)
feat - aff65fd1f4 introduce outputToObservable interop helper (#54650)
feat - 974958913c support TypeScript 5.4 (#54414)
fix - 39a50f9a8d ensure all initializer functions run in an injection context (#54761)
fix - 243ccce624 exclude class attribute intended for projection matching from directive matching (#54800)
fix - 2909e9817d prevent infinite loops in clobbered elements check (#54425)
fix - 7243c704cf return a readonly signal on asReadonly. (#54706)
perf - bb35414a38 speed up retrieval of DestroyRef in EventEmitter (#54748)


Commit Description
fix - 8d37ed035c exclude caching for authenticated HTTP requests (#54746)


Commit Description
feat - c1c7384e02 Add reusable types for router guards (#54580)
fix - 7225485311 Navigations triggered by cancellation events should cancel previous navigation (#54710)

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