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3 months ago

17.2.0-rc.0 (2024-02-08)


Commit Description
feat - 03c3b3eb79 add Netlify image loader (#54311)


Commit Description
fix - a592904c69 allow custom/duplicate decorators for @Injectable classes in local compilation mode (#54139)
fix - 4b1d948b36 consider the case of duplicate Angular decorators in local compilation diagnostics (#54139)
fix - bfbb30618b do not error due to multiple components named equally (#54273)
fix - 96bcf4fb12 forbid custom/duplicate decorator when option forbidOrphanComponents is set (#54139)
fix - 95dcf5fafa handle default imports in defer blocks (#53695)
fix - 6c8b09468a highlight the unresolved element in the @Component.styles array for the error LOCAL_COMPILATION_UNRESOLVED_CONST (#54230)
fix - 38b01a3554 interpolatedSignalNotInvoked diagnostic for model signals (#54338)
fix - 8e237a0161 properly catch fatal diagnostics in type checking (#54309)
fix - f39cb06418 show specific error for unresolved @Directive.exportAs in local compilation mode (#54230)
fix - f3851b5945 show specific error for unresolved @HostBinding's argument in local compilation mode (#54230)
fix - 39ddd884e8 show specific error for unresolved @HostListener's event name in local compilation mode (#54230)
fix - 5d633240fd show the correct message for the error LOCAL_COMPILATION_UNRESOLVED_CONST when an unresolved symbol used for @Component.styles (#54230)


Commit Description
feat - 702ab28b4c add support for model inputs (#54252)
feat - e95ef2cbc6 expose queries as signals (#54283)
fix - 432afd1ef4 afterRender hooks should allow updating state (#54074)
fix - 898a532aef Fix possible infinite loop with markForCheck by partially reverting #54074 (#54329)
fix - 3cf612c857 update imports to be compatible with rxjs 6 (#54193)


Commit Description
fix - 6681292823 Clear internal transition when navigation finalizes (#54261)

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