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5 months ago

17.1.0-next.4 (2023-12-13)


Commit Description
fix - b98d8f79ed handle ambient types in input transform function (#51474)


Commit Description
feat - abdc7e4578 support type-checking for generic signal inputs (#53521)
fix - 9e5456912a generate less type checking code in for loops (#53515)


Commit Description
fix - 2565121851 Avoid refreshing a host view twice when using transplanted views (#53021)
fix - 629343f247 Multiple subscribers to ApplicationRef.isStable should all see values (#53541)
fix - 42f4f70e97 remove signal equality check short-circuit (#53446)
fix - f35adcb9b2 update feature usage marker (#53542)
perf - 1fc5442947 avoid changes Observable creation on QueryList (#53498)
perf - e3a6bf9b6c optimize memory allocation when reconcilling lists (#52245)


Commit Description
fix - a02767956a CF Migration - ensure bound ngIfElse cases ignore line breaks (#53435)
fix - 6aa1bb78e8 cf migration - undo changes when html fails to parse post migration (#53530)
fix - cc02852ac4 CF migration only remove newlines of changed template content (#53508)
fix - ce1076785c cf migration validate structure of ngswitch before migrating (#53530)
fix - 1f5c8bf116 ensure we do not overwrite prior template replacements in migration (#53393)
fix - 79f791543b fix cf migration import removal when errors occur (#53502)


Commit Description
fix - fdb9cb7a5b Get correct base path when using "." as base href when serving from the file:// protocol. (#53547)


Commit Description
fix - 48c5041687 provide more actionable error message when route is not matched in production mode (#53523)

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