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6 months ago

17.1.0-next.2 (2023-11-29)


Commit Description
fix - 79ff91a813 allow TS jsDocParsingMode host option to be programmatically set (#53126)


Commit Description
fix - 4c1d69e288 add diagnostic for control flow that prevents content projection (#53190)


Commit Description
fix - 58cf389d80 avoid stale provider info when TestBed.overrideProvider is used (#52918)
fix - c7c7ea9813 inherit host directives (#52992)
fix - b35c6731e5 Reattached views that are dirty from a signal update should refresh (#53001)


Commit Description
fix - dbca1c9d61 Add ngForTemplate support to control flow migration (#53076)
fix - 53912fdf74 allows colons in ngIf else cases to migrate (#53076)
fix - fadfee4324 cf migration fix migrating empty switch default (#53237)
fix - b2aeaf5d97 CF migration log warning when collection aliasing detected in @for (#53238)
fix - c6326289f8 cf migration removes unnecessary bound ngifelse attribute (#53236)
fix - e6f10e81d2 control flow migration formatting fixes (#53076)
fix - 6291c8db09 fix off by one issue with template removal in CF migration (#53255)
fix - f1b7d40057 fixes CF migration i18n ng-template offsets (#53212)
fix - a738b48717 fixes control flow migration common module removal (#53076)
fix - a3599515bb properly handle ngIfThen cases in CF migration (#53256)
fix - 8a52674faa Update CF migration to skip templates with duplicate ng-template names (#53204)


Commit Description
fix - 29e0834c4d Resolvers in different parts of the route tree should be able to execute together (#52934)

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