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6 months ago

17.1.0-next.1 (2023-11-20)


Commit Description
fix - 29c5416d14 remove load on image once it fails to load (#52990)
fix - 7affa57754 scan images once page is loaded (#52991)


Commit Description
fix - ec2d6e7b9c changed after checked error in for loops (#52935)
fix - 406049b95e generate i18n instructions for blocks (#52958)
fix - d9d566d315 nested for loops incorrectly calculating computed variables (#52931)
fix - 5fb707f81a produce placeholder for blocks in i18n bundles (#52958)


Commit Description
fix - b4d022e230 add diagnostic for control flow that prevents content projection (#52726)


Commit Description
fix - ed0fbd4071 cleanup loading promise when no dependencies are defined (#53031)
fix - 1ce31d819b handle local refs when getDeferBlocks is invoked in tests (#52973)


Commit Description
fix - e33f6e0f1a control flow migration fails for async pipe with unboxing of observable (#52756) (#52972)
fix - 5564d020cd Fixes control flow migration if then else case (#53006)
fix - 28f6cbf9c9 fixes migrations of nested switches in control flow (#53010)
fix - e090b48bf8 tweaks to formatting in control flow migration (#53058)

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