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4 months ago

17.1.0 (2024-01-17)


Commit Description
fix - 79ff91a813 allow TS jsDocParsingMode host option to be programmatically set (#53126)
fix - 5613051a8b allow TS jsDocParsingMode host option to be programmatically set again (#53292)
fix - df8a825910 project empty block root node (#53620)
fix - 478d622265 project empty block root node in template pipeline (#53620)


Commit Description
feat - abdc7e4578 support type-checking for generic signal inputs (#53521)
fix - e620b3a724 add compiler option to disable control flow content projection diagnostic (#53311)
fix - 4c1d69e288 add diagnostic for control flow that prevents content projection (#53190)
fix - 76ceebad04 do not throw fatal error if extended type check fails (#53896)
fix - 1a6eaa0fea input transform in local compilation mode (#53645)
fix - 56a76d73e0 modify getConstructorDependencies helper to work with reflection host after the previous change (#52215)


Commit Description
feat - 863be4b698 expose new input API for signal-based inputs (#53872)
feat - 94096c6ede support TypeScript 5.3 (#52572)
fix - 69b384c0d1 SignalNode reactive node incorrectly exposing unset field (#53571)
fix - 6f79507ea7 Change defer block fixture default behavior to playthrough (#53956)
fix - 32f908ab70 do not accidentally inherit input transforms when overridden (#53571)
fix - bdd61c768a replace assertion with more intentional error (#52234)
fix - 0daca457bb TestBed should still use the microtask queue to schedule effects (#53843)


Commit Description
feat - 5c1d441029 Add info property to NavigationExtras (#53303)
feat - 50d7916278 Add router configuration to resolve navigation promise on error (#48910)
feat - a5a9b408e2 Add transient info to RouterLink input (#53784)
feat - 726530a9af Allow onSameUrlNavigation: 'ignore' in navigateByUrl (#52265)

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