yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 17.0.3

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6 months ago

17.0.3 (2023-11-15)


Commit Description
fix - f5872c9921 prevent the AsyncAnimationRenderer from calling the delegate when there is no element. (#52570)


Commit Description
fix - 6a1d4ed667 handle non-container environment injector cases (#52774)
fix - 5de7575be8 reset cached scope for components that were overridden using TestBed (#52916)


Commit Description
fix - 7c066a4af4 Use the response content-type to set the blob type. (#52840)


Commit Description
fix - 4e200bf13b Add missing support for ngForOf (#52903)
fix - d033540d0f Add support for bound versions of NgIfElse and NgIfThenElse (#52869)
fix - aa2d815648 Add support for removing imports post migration (#52763)
fix - 3831942771 Fixes issue with multiple if elses with same template (#52863)
fix - e1f84a31dc passed in paths will be respected in nx workspaces (#52796)

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