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6 months ago

17.0.0-rc.2 (2023-11-02)


Commit Description
fix - bf3281a6a5 remove finish listener once player is destroyed (#51136)


Commit Description
fix - 3bd85fb7b0 apply fixed_srcset_width value only to fixed srcsets (#52459)


Commit Description
fix - 2aaddd3f64 allow comments between switch cases (#52449)
fix - ddd9df68bb allow decimals in defer block time values (#52433)
fix - 6c58252521 compilation error when for loop block expression contains new line (#52447)
fix - 1f5039bbd6 project control flow root elements into correct slot (#52414)


Commit Description
fix - 96fd73dc5d properly emit literal types in input coercion function arguments (#52437)
fix - d517a75c9b use originally used module specifier for transform functions (#52437)


Commit Description
docs - 59b6ec6be8 Deprecate ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges (#52431)
fix - 935c1816fd add rejectErrors option to toSignal (#52474)
fix - ddef3ac9a4 effects wait for ngOnInit for their first run (#52473)
fix - b9ea2d6900 handle aliased index with no space in control flow migration (#52444)
fix - 4461cefa4f handle trackBy and aliased index in control flow migration (#52423)
fix - 696f003553 mutation bug in getDependenciesFromInjectable (#52450)
fix - 384d7aacd0 replace assertion with more intentional error (#52427)
perf - 3861a73135 Update LView consumer to only mark component for check (#52302)


Commit Description
fix - 8156b3d4ec Don't override the backend when using the InMemoryWebAPI (#52425)


Commit Description
fix - d7397fb29b Ensure control flow migration ignores new block syntax (#52402)
fix - 6a01d62b9d fix broken migration when no control flow is present (#52399)
fix - e40e55d902 Remove unhelpful parsing errors from the log (#52401)



  • ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges is deprecated.

    Test code should use ComponentFixture instead of ChangeDetectorRef.
    Application code should not call ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges directly.

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