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7 months ago

17.0.0-rc.0 (2023-10-18)


Commit Description
fix - 65b460448e missing space in ngSwitch equality warning (#52180)


Commit Description
fix - 073ebfe09e apply style on :host attributes in prod builds. (#49118)
fix - 81a287a79a avoid error in template parser for tag names that can occur in object prototype (#52225)


Commit Description
fix - 99e7629159 do not remove used ng-template nodes in control flow migration (#52186)
fix - ffe9b1fcc2 handle for alias with as in control flow migration (#52183)
fix - e5720edb46 handle if alias in control flow migration (#52181)
perf - 8e4a7ab52b avoid repeated access to LContainer and trackBy calculation (#52227)
perf - 1032c1e1a5 cache LiveCollectionLContainerImpl (#52227)
perf - 37d627dbd4 minimze trackBy calculations (#52227)
refactor - ba9fc2419e deprecate the NgProbeToken (#51396)


Commit Description
perf - c9cde3ab10 only append style element on creation (#52237)



  • NgProbeToken

    The NgProbeToken is not used internally since the transition from View Engine to Ivy. The token has no utility and can be removed from applications and libraries.

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