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17.0.0-next.5 (2023-09-20)

Commit Description
build - 59aa0634f4 remove support for Node.js v16 (#51755)


Commit Description
feat - fe2fd7e1a8 make the warning for lazy-loaded lcp image an error (#51748)


Commit Description
feat - 7f6d9a73ab expand class api doc extraction (#51733)
feat - c7daf7ea16 extract directive docs info (#51733)
feat - e0b1bb33d7 extract doc info for JsDoc (#51733)
feat - b9c70158ab extract docs for accessors, rest params, and types (#51733)
feat - a24ae994a0 extract docs for top level functions and consts (#51733)
feat - 2e41488296 extract docs info for enums, pipes, and NgModules (#51733)
feat - 34495b3533 extract docs via exports (#51828)
feat - 7e82df45c5 initial skeleton for API doc extraction (#51733)


Commit Description
fix - 5b66330329 allow non-array imports for standalone component in local compilation mode (#51819)
fix - 19c3dc18d3 fix NgModule injector def in local compilation mode when imports/exports are non-array expressions (#51819)


Commit Description
feat - 81b67aa987 add support for zone.js 0.14.0 (#51774)
feat - e23aaa7d75 drop support for older TypeScript versions (#51792)
fix - 5ead7d412d ensure a consumer drops all its stale producers (#51722)


Commit Description
feat - e2416a284f Enable go to definition of styleUrl (#51746)


Commit Description
fix - 5a20a44c64 ng-add schematics for application builder (#51777)


Commit Description
fix - 0b3e6a41d0 Remove malformedUriErrorHandler from ExtraOptions (#51745)
fix - c03baed854 use DOCUMENT token instead of document directly in view transitions (#51814)

Breaking Changes

  • Node.js v16 support has been removed and the minimum support version has been bumped to 18.13.0.

    Node.js v16 is planned to be End-of-Life on 2023-09-11. Angular will stop supporting Node.js v16 in Angular v17. For Node.js release schedule details, please see: https://github.com/nodejs/release#release-schedule



  • Angular now required zone.js version ~0.14.0
  • Versions of TypeScript older than 5.2 are no longer supported.


  • malformedUriErrorHandler is no longer available in
    the RouterModule.forRoot options. URL parsing errors should instead be
    handled in the UrlSerializer.parse method.


  • Deep and legacy dist/ imports like zone.js/bundles/zone-testing.js and zone.js/dist/zone are no longer allowed. zone-testing-bundle and zone-testing-node-bundle are also no longer part of the package.

    The proper way to import zone.js and zone.js/testing is:

    import 'zone.js';
    import 'zone.js/testing';

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