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17.0.0 (2023-11-08)

Commit Description
build - 59aa0634f4 remove support for Node.js v16 (#51755)


Commit Description
feat - e753278faa Add the possibility of lazy loading animations code. (#50738)
fix - 698c058e1c remove code duplication between entry-points (#51500)
refactor - 0598613950 deprecation of AnimationDriver.NOOP (#51843)


Commit Description
feat - 2da3551a70 report gc and render time spent in script (#50771)


Commit Description
feat - fe2fd7e1a8 make the warning for lazy-loaded lcp image an error (#51748)
feat - dde3fdabbd upgrade warning to logged error for lazy-loaded LCP images using NgOptimizedImage (#52004)
fix - da056a1fe2 add missing types field for @angular/common/locales of exports in package.json (#52080)
fix - 85843e8212 allow to specify only some properties of DatePipeConfig (#51287)
fix - 3bd85fb7b0 apply fixed_srcset_width value only to fixed srcsets (#52459)
fix - 65b460448e missing space in ngSwitch equality warning (#52180)
fix - 86c5e34601 remove code duplication between entry-points (#51500)
fix - 28a5925f53 use === operator to match NgSwitch cases (#51504)


Commit Description
feat - 1934524a0c add docs extraction for type aliases (#52118)
feat - 7f6d9a73ab expand class api doc extraction (#51733)
feat - a7fa25306f extract api docs for interfaces (#52006)
feat - 7bfe20707f extract api for fn overloads and abtract classes (#52040)
feat - c7daf7ea16 extract directive docs info (#51733)
feat - e0b1bb33d7 extract doc info for JsDoc (#51733)
feat - b9c70158ab extract docs for accessors, rest params, and types (#51733)
feat - a24ae994a0 extract docs for top level functions and consts (#51733)
feat - 2e41488296 extract docs info for enums, pipes, and NgModules (#51733)
feat - 34495b3533 extract docs via exports (#51828)
feat - 7e82df45c5 initial skeleton for API doc extraction (#51733)
fix - 6795cccbbb account for type-only imports in defer blocks (#52343)
fix - 23bfa10ac8 add diagnostic for inaccessible deferred trigger (#51922)
fix - 31295a3cf9 allocating unnecessary slots in conditional instruction (#51913)
fix - 2aaddd3f64 allow comments between switch cases (#52449)
fix - ddd9df68bb allow decimals in defer block time values (#52433)
fix - 7dbd47fb30 allow newlines in track and let expressions (#52137)
fix - 0eae992c4e allow nullable values in for loop block (#51997)
fix - 073ebfe09e apply style on :host attributes in prod builds. (#49118)
fix - 81a287a79a avoid error in template parser for tag names that can occur in object prototype (#52225)
fix - 6c58252521 compilation error when for loop block expression contains new line (#52447)
fix - 9d19c8e317 don't allocate variable to for loop expression (#52158)
fix - 9acd2ac98b enable block syntax in the linker (#51979)
fix - 1d871c03a5 forward referenced dependencies not identified as deferrable (#52017)
fix - 16ff08ec70 narrow the type of expressions in event listeners inside if blocks (#52069)
fix - ac0d5dcfd6 narrow the type of expressions in event listeners inside switch blocks (#52069)
fix - 02edb43067 narrow the type of the aliased if block expression (#51952)
fix - 83067b3ef2 ng-template directive invoke twice at the root of control flow (#52515)
fix - 17078a3fe1 pipes used inside defer triggers not being picked up (#52071)
fix - 861ce3a7c5 pipes using DI not working in blocks (#52112)
fix - 1f5039bbd6 project control flow root elements into correct slot (#52414)
fix - 81c315ec6e template type checking not reporting diagnostics for incompatible type comparisons (#52322)
fix - 1beef49d80 update the minVersion if component uses block syntax (#51979)
fix - 386e1e9500 work around TypeScript bug when narrowing switch statements (#52110)
perf - e5bca43224 further reduce bundle size using arrow functions (#52010)


Commit Description
fix - 5b66330329 allow non-array imports for standalone component in local compilation mode (#51819)
fix - 377a7abfda bypass static resolving of the component's changeDetection field in local compilation mode (#51848)
fix - 19c3dc18d3 fix NgModule injector def in local compilation mode when imports/exports are non-array expressions (#51819)
fix - 11bb19cafc handle nested qualified names in ctor injection in local compilation mode (#51947)
fix - f91f222b55 resolve component encapsulation enum in local compilation mode (#51848)


Commit Description
docs - 59b6ec6be8 Deprecate ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges (#52431)
feat - 4f04d1cdab add new list reconcilation algorithm (#51980)
feat - c7127b98b5 add schematic to escape block syntax characters (#51905)
feat - 50275e58b8 Add schematic to migrate control flow syntax (#52035)
feat - 81b67aa987 add support for zone.js 0.14.0 (#51774)
feat - 048f400efc add warnings for oversized images and lazy-lcp (#51846)
feat - 93675dc797 conditional built-in control flow (#51346)
feat - 4427e1ebc2 create function to assert not running inside reactive context (#52049)
feat - e23aaa7d75 drop support for older TypeScript versions (#51792)
feat - 43e6fb0606 enable block syntax (#51994)
feat - 3cbb2a8ecf implement deferred block interaction triggers (#51830)
feat - 8be2c48b7c implement new block syntax (#51891)
feat - a54713c831 implement ɵgetInjectorMetadata debug API (#51900)
feat - 5b88d136af mark core signal APIs as stable (#51821)
feat - 8eef694def Provide a diagnostic for missing Signal invocation in template interpolation. (#49660)
feat - 40113f653c Remove deprecated CompilerOptions.useJit andCompilerOptions.missingTranslation. (#49672)
feat - 68ba798ae3 revamp the runtime error message for orphan components to include full component info (#51919)
feat - 1a4aee7e49 show runtime error for orphan component rendering (#52061)
feat - 687b96186c support deferred hover triggers (#51874)
feat - e2e3d69a27 support deferred triggers with implicit triggers (#51922)
feat - 16f5fc40a4 support deferred viewport triggers (#51874)
feat - 59387ee476 support styles and styleUrl as strings (#51715)
feat - 9cc52b9b85 support TypeScript 5.2 (#51334)
feat - 7d42dc3c02 the new list reconciliation algorithm for built-in for (#51980)
fix - 935c1816fd add rejectErrors option to toSignal (#52474)
fix - 5411864c2e adjust toSignal types to handle more common cases (#51991)
fix - dcf18dc74c allow toSignal calls in reactive context (#51831)
fix - dbffdc09c2 avoid duplicated code between entry-points (primary, testing, rxjs-interop) (#51500)
fix - 4f69d620d9 deferred blocks not removing content immediately when animations are enabled (#51971)
fix - df58c0b714 disallow afterRender in reactive contexts (#52138)
fix - 5d61221ed7 disallow using effect inside reactive contexts (#52138)
fix - 99e7629159 do not remove used ng-template nodes in control flow migration (#52186)
fix - c7ff9dff2c drop mutate function from the signals public API (#51821)
fix - 00128e3853 drop mutate function from the signals public API (#51821) (#51986)
fix - ddef3ac9a4 effects wait for ngOnInit for their first run (#52473)
fix - 5ead7d412d ensure a consumer drops all its stale producers (#51722)
fix - 1dd8558f82 Ensure backwards-referenced transplanted views are refreshed (#51854)
fix - 50ad074505 framework debug APIs getDependenciesForTokenInInjector and getInjectorMetadata (#51719)
fix - 80e7a0f8fa guard usages of performance.mark (#52505)
fix - b9ea2d6900 handle aliased index with no space in control flow migration (#52444)
fix - ffe9b1fcc2 handle for alias with as in control flow migration (#52183)
fix - e5720edb46 handle if alias in control flow migration (#52181)
fix - 4461cefa4f handle trackBy and aliased index in control flow migration (#52423)
fix - 7368b8aaeb host directive validation not picking up duplicate directives on component node (#52073)
fix - 696f003553 mutation bug in getDependenciesFromInjectable (#52450)
fix - d487014785 Remove no longer needed build rule related to removed migration (#52143)
fix - 4da08dc2ef remove unnecessary migration (#52141)
fix - 384d7aacd0 replace assertion with more intentional error (#52427)
fix - 40bb45f329 Respect OnPush change detection strategy for dynamically created components (#51356)
fix - 3a19d6b743 run afterRender callbacks outside of the Angular zone (#51385)
fix - a2ba5482c3 use TNode instead of LView for mapping injector providers (#52436)
fix - d5dad3eb4c viewport trigger deregistering callbacks multiple times (#52115)
perf - 8e4a7ab52b avoid repeated access to LContainer and trackBy calculation (#52227)
perf - 1dc14d9853 avoid unnecessary callbacks in after render hooks (#52292)
perf - e90694259e build-in for should update indexes only when views were added / removed (#52051)
perf - 1032c1e1a5 cache LiveCollectionLContainerImpl (#52227)
perf - 685d01e106 chain template instructions (#51546)
perf - 88a0af64fd generate arrow functions for pure function calls (#51668)
perf - 37d627dbd4 minimze trackBy calculations (#52227)
perf - 3861a73135 Update LView consumer to only mark component for check (#52302)
refactor - 9b9e11fcaf deprecate allowing full context object to be replaced in EmbeddedViewRef (#51887)
refactor - ba9fc2419e deprecate the NgProbeToken (#51396)


Commit Description
feat - 7dde42a5df allow customization of the HttpTransferCache. (#52029)
fix - 8156b3d4ec Don't override the backend when using the InMemoryWebAPI (#52425)
perf - bd9e91ecf7 reduce data transfer when using HTTP caching (#52347)


Commit Description
feat - 449830f24e Complete inside @switch (#52153)
feat - e2416a284f Enable go to definition of styleUrl (#51746)
feat - 023a181ba5 Implement outlining spans for control flow blocks (#52062)
feat - 7c052bb6ef Support autocompletion for blocks (#52121)
fix - 9d565cd6d6 Autocomplete block keywords in more cases (#52198)


Commit Description
fix - 5a20a44c64 ng-add schematics for application builder (#51777)


Commit Description
feat - f0da7c2e44 schematic to remove deprecated CompilerOptions properties (#49672)
feat - 965ce5a8c5 Schematics for TransferState, StateKey and makeStateKey migration. (#49594)
fix - 09e905ad67 account for separator characters inside strings (#52525)
fix - 4c878f90d2 Add support for nested structures inside a switch statement (#52358)
fix - d7397fb29b Ensure control flow migration ignores new block syntax (#52402)
fix - 6a01d62b9d fix broken migration when no control flow is present (#52399)
fix - 9c2be715a3 Fixes a bug in the ngFor pre-v5 alias translation (#52531)
fix - 54fed68bbf Fixes the root level template offset in control flow migration (#52355)
fix - 57404d4723 handle comma-separated syntax in ngFor (#52525)
fix - 54bc384661 handle nested classes in block entities migration (#52309)
fix - c9b1ddff4d handle nested classes in control flow migration (#52309)
fix - 6988a0070e handle ngIf else condition with no whitespaces (#52504)
fix - e40e55d902 Remove unhelpful parsing errors from the log (#52401)
fix - c267f54bc3 Update regex to better match ng-templates (#52529)


Commit Description
feat - c340d6e044 enable removal of styles on component destroy by default (#51571)
feat - c5daa6ce77 expose EventManagerPlugin in the public API. (#49969)
fix - 5b375d106f Fire Animations events when using async animations. (#52087)
fix - 65786b2b96 prevent duplicate stylesheets from being created (#52019)
fix - 75d610d420 set animation properties when using async animations. (#52087)
perf - 3c0577f991 disable styles of removed components instead of removing (#51808)
perf - c9cde3ab10 only append style element on creation (#52237)
refactor - dbc14eb41d remove withNoDomReuse function (#52057)


Commit Description
fix - 0c66e2424c resolve relative requests URL (#52326)


Commit Description
feat - 1da28f4825 Add callback to execute when a view transition is created (#52002)
feat - 73e4bf2ed2 Add feature to support the View Transitions API (#51314)
feat - 86e91463af Add option to skip the first view transition (#51825)
fix - ce1b915868 Allow redirects after an absolute redirect (#51731)
fix - 37df395be0 children of routes with loadComponent should not inherit parent data by default (#52114)
fix - 4dce8766f8 Ensure newly resolved data is inherited by child routes (#52167)
fix - f464e39364 Ensure title observable gets latest values (#51561)
fix - b2aff43621 Remove urlHandlingStrategy from public Router properties (#51631)
fix - c62e680098 Remove deprecated Router properties (#51502)
fix - 3c6258c85b Remove deprecated setupTestingRouter function (#51826)
fix - 0b3e6a41d0 Remove malformedUriErrorHandler from ExtraOptions (#51745)
fix - c03baed854 use DOCUMENT token instead of document directly in view transitions (#51814)

Breaking Changes

  • Node.js v16 support has been removed and the minimum support version has been bumped to 18.13.0.

    Node.js v16 is planned to be End-of-Life on 2023-09-11. Angular will stop supporting Node.js v16 in Angular v17. For Node.js release schedule details, please see: https://github.com/nodejs/release#release-schedule


  • the NgSwitch directive now defaults to the === equality operator,
    migrating from the previously used ==. NgSwitch expressions and / or
    individual condition values need adjusting to this stricter equality
    check. The added warning message should help pinpointing NgSwitch
    usages where adjustements are needed.


  • Angular now required zone.js version ~0.14.0

  • Versions of TypeScript older than 5.2 are no longer supported.

  • The mutate method was removed from the WritableSignal interface and completely
    dropped from the public API surface. As an alternative please use the update method and
    make immutable changes to the object.

    Example before:

    items.mutate(itemsArray => itemsArray.push(newItem));

    Example after:

    items.update(itemsArray => [itemsArray, …newItem]);
  • The mutate method was removed from the WritableSignal interface and completely
    dropped from the public API surface. As an alternative please use the update method and
    make immutable changes to the object.

    Example before:

    items.mutate(itemsArray => itemsArray.push(newItem));

    Example after:

    items.update(itemsArray => [itemsArray, …newItem]);
  • OnPush components that are created dynamically now
    only have their host bindings refreshed and ngDoCheck run during change
    detection if they are dirty.
    Previously, a bug in the change detection would result in the OnPush
    configuration of dynamically created components to be ignored when
    executing host bindings and the ngDoCheck function. This is
    rarely encountered but can happen if code has a handle on the
    ComponentRef instance and updates values read in the OnPush
    component template without then calling either markForCheck or
    detectChanges on that component's ChangeDetectorRef.


  • REMOVE_STYLES_ON_COMPONENT_DESTROY default value is now true. This causes CSS of components to be removed from the DOM when destroyed. You retain the previous behaviour by providing the REMOVE_STYLES_ON_COMPONENT_DESTROY injection token.

    import {REMOVE_STYLES_ON_COMPONENT_DESTROY} from '@angular/platform-browser';
    providers: [{
      useValue: false,
  • The withNoDomReuse() function was removed from the public API. If you need to disable hydration, you can exclude the provideClientHydration() call from provider list in your application (which would disable hydration features for the entire application) or use ngSkipHydration attribute to disable hydration for particular components. See this guide for additional information: https://angular.io/guide/hydration#how-to-skip-hydration-for-particular-components.


  • Absolute redirects no longer prevent further redirects.
    Route configurations may need to be adjusted to prevent infinite
    redirects where additional redirects were previously ignored after an
    absolute redirect occurred.

  • Routes with loadComponent would incorrectly cause
    child routes to inherit their data by default. The default
    paramsInheritanceStrategy is emptyOnly. If parent data should be
    inherited in child routes, this should be manually set to always.

  • urlHandlingStrategy has been removed from the Router public API.
    This should instead be configured through the provideRouter or RouterModule.forRoot APIs.

  • The following Router properties have been removed from
    the public API:

    • canceledNavigationResolution
    • paramsInheritanceStrategy
    • titleStrategy
    • urlUpdateStrategy
    • malformedUriErrorHandler

    These should instead be configured through the provideRouter or
    RouterModule.forRoot APIs.

  • The setupTestingRouter function has been removed. Use
    RouterModule.forRoot or provideRouter to setup the Router for
    tests instead.

  • malformedUriErrorHandler is no longer available in
    the RouterModule.forRoot options. URL parsing errors should instead be
    handled in the UrlSerializer.parse method.


  • Deep and legacy dist/ imports like zone.js/bundles/zone-testing.js and zone.js/dist/zone are no longer allowed. zone-testing-bundle and zone-testing-node-bundle are also no longer part of the package.

    The proper way to import zone.js and zone.js/testing is:

    import 'zone.js';
    import 'zone.js/testing';



  • The AnimationDriver.NOOP symbol is deprecated, use NoopAnimationDriver instead.


  • ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges is deprecated.

    Test code should use ComponentFixture instead of ChangeDetectorRef.
    Application code should not call ChangeDetectorRef.checkNoChanges directly.

  • Swapping out the context object for EmbeddedViewRef
    is no longer supported. Support for this was introduced with v12.0.0, but
    this pattern is rarely used. There is no replacement, but you can use
    simple assignments in most cases, or Object.assign , or alternatively still replace the full object by using a Proxy(seeNgTemplateOutlet`
    as an example).

    Also adds a warning if the deprecated

  • NgProbeToken

    The NgProbeToken is not used internally since the transition from View Engine to Ivy. The token has no utility and can be removed from applications and libraries.

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