yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 16.0.0-rc.2

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13 months ago

16.0.0-rc.2 (2023-04-19)


Commit Description
perf - 49fe974501 optimize NgModule emit for standalone components (#49837)


Commit Description
fix - fd9dcd36cd Ensure effects can be created when Zone is not defined (#49890)
fix - 2650f1afc1 execute input setters in non-reactive context (#49906)
fix - f8b95b9da6 execute query setters in non-reactive context (#49906)
fix - ef91a2e0fe execute template creation in non-reactive context (#49883)
fix - a3c3ab757c handle invalid classes in class array bindings (#49924)
fix - fedc75624c include inner ViewContainerRef anchor nodes into ViewRef.rootNodes output (#49867)


Commit Description
fix - 98223c11ca canceledNavigationResolution: 'computed' with redirects to the current URL (#49793)

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