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18 months ago

15.1.0-next.0 (2022-11-22)



  • router writable properties

    The following strategies are meant to be configured by registering the
    application strategy in DI via the providers in the root NgModule or

    • routeReuseStrategy
    • titleStrategy
    • urlHandlingStrategy

    The following options are meant to be configured using the options
    available in RouterModule.forRoot or provideRouter.

    • onSameUrlNavigation
    • paramsInheritanceStrategy
    • urlUpdateStrategy
    • canceledNavigationResolution

    The following options are available in RouterModule.forRoot but not
    available in provideRouter:

    • malformedUriErrorHandler - This was found to not be used anywhere
    • errorHandler - Developers can instead subscribe to Router.events
      and filter for NavigationError.


Commit Description
fix - b0a62bea47 Fix MockPlatformLocation events and missing onPopState implementation (#48113)


Commit Description
feat - 6acae1477a Add TestBed.runInInjectionContext to help test functions which use inject (#47955)


Commit Description
fix - 0329c13e95 don't mutate validators array (#47830)
fix - d321880440 FormBuilder.group return right type with shorthand parameters. (#48084)


Commit Description
feat - 5f0b53c735 Allow auto-imports to suggest multiple possible imports. (#47787)
fix - fd2eea5961 correctly handle host directive inputs/outputs (#48147)
fix - ce8160ecb2 Prevent crashes on unemitable references (#47938)
fix - 764fa3d9c3 update packages/language-service/build.sh script to work with vscode-ng-language-service's new Bazel build (#48120)


Commit Description
docs - 0a8b8a66cd Deprecate public members of Router that are meant to be configured elsewhere (#48006)
feat - 73f03ad2d2 Add new NavigationSkipped event for ignored navigations (#48024)
fix - b51929a394 correct type of nextState parameter in canDeactivate (#48038)
fix - 1df0ed7d6e Ensure renavigating in component init works with enabledBlocking (#48063)
fix - 1976e37475 restore 'history.state' on popstate even if navigationId missing (#48033)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Bjarki, Bob Watson, Brooke, Derek Cormier, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, Greg Magolan, Ikko Ashimine, Ivan Rodriguez, Jessica Janiuk, JiaLiPassion, Joe Roxbury, Joey Perrott, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Matthieu Riegler, Mikhail Savchuk, Nebojsa Cvetkovic, Pawel Kozlowski, Volodymyr, Wooshaah and mgechev

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