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15.0.0-next.6 (2022-10-12)

Breaking Changes


  • Invalid constructors for DI may now report compilation errors

    When a class inherits its constructor from a base class, the compiler may now
    report an error when that constructor cannot be used for DI purposes. This may
    either be because the base class is missing an Angular decorator such as
    @Injectable() or @Directive(), or because the constructor contains parameters
    which do not have an associated token (such as primitive types like string).
    These situations used to behave unexpectedly at runtime, where the class may be
    constructed without any of its constructor parameters, so this is now reported
    as an error during compilation.

    Any new errors that may be reported because of this change can be resolved either
    by decorating the base class from which the constructor is inherited, or by adding
    an explicit constructor to the class for which the error is reported.


  • Angular no longer supports Node.js versions 14.[15-19].x and 16.[10-12].x. Current supported versions of Node.js are 14.20.x, 16.13.x and 18.10.x.
  • TypeScript versions older than 4.8 are no longer supported.


  • setDisabledState will always be called when a ControlValueAccessor is attached. You can opt-out with FormsModule.withConfig or ReactiveFormsModule.withConfig.


  • relativeLinkResolution is no longer configurable in
    the Router. This option was used as a means to opt out of a bug fix.



  • The DATE_PIPE_DEFAULT_TIMEZONE token is now deprecated in favor
    of the DATE_PIPE_DEFAULT_OPTIONS token, which accepts an object
    as a value and the timezone can be defined as a field (called timezone)
    on that object.


  • The RouterLinkWithHref directive is deprecated, use the RouterLink directive instead. The RouterLink contains the code from the RouterLinkWithHref to handle elements with href attributes.


Commit Description
feat - c0c7efaf7c add provideLocationMocks() function to provide Location mocks (#47674)
feat - 75e6297f09 add preload tag on server for priority img (#47343)
feat - 4fde292bb5 Add automatic srcset generation to ngOptimizedImage (#47547)
feat - 9483343ebf Add fill mode to NgOptimizedImage (#47738)
feat - bdb5371033 add injection token for default DatePipe configuration (#47157)


Commit Description
fix - 39b72e208b update element schema (#47552)
fix - 48b354a83e update element schema (#47552)


Commit Description
fix - 38078e7adb add missing period to error message (#47744)
fix - bc54687c7b exclude abstract classes from strictInjectionParameters requirement (#44615)
fix - 19ad4987f9 use @ts-ignore. (#47636)
perf - a792bf1703 minimize filesystem calls when generating shims (#47682)


Commit Description
feat - 1b9fd46d14 add support for Node.js version 18 (#47730)
feat - ed11a13c3c drop support for TypeScript 4.6 and 4.7 (#47690)
feat - db28badfe6 enable the new directive composition API (#47642)
feat - 7de1469be6 introduce EnvironmentProviders wrapper type (#47669)


Commit Description
feat - a8569e3802 export forms utility functions: isFormArray, isFormGroup… (#47718)
fix - 96b7fe93af call setDisabledState on ControlValueAcessor when control is enabled (#47576)


Commit Description
feat - 3ba99e286a allow for child HttpClients to request via parents (#47502)
feat - 84d0d33c35 introduce provideHttpClientTesting provider function (#47502)
feat - 62c7a7a16e introduce functional interceptors (#47502)
feat - e47b129070 introduce the provideHttpClient() API (#47502)
fix - ea16a98dfe better handle unexpected undefined XSRF tokens (#47683)


Commit Description
feat - bebef5fb43 Quick fix to import a component when its selector is used (#47088)


Commit Description
feat - 7bee28d037 add a migration to remove relativeLinkResolution usages (#47604)
feat - f73ef21442 merge RouterLinkWithHref into RouterLink (#47630)
feat - 16c8f55663 migrate RouterLinkWithHref references to RouterLink (#47599)
feat - 07017a7bd3 prevent provideRouter() from usage in @component (#47669)
fix - 7b89d95c0e Remove deprecated relativeLinkResolution (#47623)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, AleksanderBodurri, Alex Castle, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Aristeidis Bampakos, Bob Watson, Charles Lyding, Dylan Hunn, Ferdinand Malcher, George Kalpakas, Jessica Janiuk, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Joshua Morony, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Martin Probst, Mathew Berg, Matthias Weiß, Paul Gschwendtner, Peter Dickten, Renan Ferro, Sri Ram, WD Snoeijer, arturovt, jaybell, markostanimirovic and Álvaro Martínez

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