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20 months ago

15.0.0-next.1 (2022-09-07)

Breaking Changes


  • Angular compiler option enableIvy has been removed as Ivy is the only rendering engine.


    • canParse method has been removed from all translation parsers in @angular/localize/tools. analyze should be used instead.
    • the hint parameter in theparse methods is now mandatory.


Commit Description
fix - 220d1203e6 improve formatting of image warnings (#47299)
fix - 93d7d9101e use DOCUMENT token to query for preconnect links (#47353)


Commit Description
fix - cf0c53aa1c avoid errors for inputs with Object-builtin names (#47220)


Commit Description
refactor - 16f96eeabf remove enableIvy options (#47346)


Commit Description
refactor - d36fd3d9e4 remove deprecated canParse method from TranslationParsers (#47275)


Commit Description
fix - e1bb638e0b include headers in requests for assets (#47260)
fix - a0c3326485 only consider GET requests as navigation requests (#47263)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Andrew Kushnir, Aristeidis Bampakos, Asaf M, Bingo's Code, Bob Watson, Daniel Ostrovsky, George Kalpakas, Giovanni Alberto Rivas, Jeremy Elbourn, JiaLiPassion, Jobayer Hossain, Joe Martin (Crowdstaffing), Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kara Erickson, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Maina Wycliffe, Sabareesh Kappagantu, Simona Cotin, Sonu Sindhu, Yann Provoost, abergquist, angular-robot[bot], jaybell and vyom1611

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