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22 months ago

14.1.0-next.4 (2022-07-06)



  • The bit field signature of inject() has been deprecated, in favor of the
    new options object. Correspondingly, InjectFlags is deprecated as well.


Commit Description
feat - 6f11a58040 Add extended diagnostic to warn when text attributes are intended to be bindings (#46161)


Commit Description
feat - 96c6139c9a add ability to set inputs on ComponentRef (#46641)
feat - a7a14df5f8 introduce EnvironmentInjector.runInContext API (#46653)
feat - fa52b6e906 options object to supersede bit flags for inject() (#46649)
feat - af20112222 support the descendants option for ContentChild queries (#46638)


Commit Description
feat - 6c1357dd7d Add stable cancelation code to NavigationCancel event (#46675)
fix - e8c7dd10e9 Ensure APP_INITIALIZER of enabledBlocking option completes (#46026)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Scott, Aristeidis Bampakos, Bob Watson, George Kalpakas, Paul Gschwendtner and Pawel Kozlowski

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