yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 14.0.4

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23 months ago

14.0.4 (2022-06-29)


Commit Description
fix - 51be9bbe29 cleanup DOM elements when the root view is removed (#45143)
fix - 999aca86c8 enable shadowElements to leave when their parent does (#46459)


Commit Description
fix - 42aed6b13e handle CSS custom properties in NgStyle (#46451)


Commit Description
fix - 1e7f22f00a trigger ApplicationRef.destroy when Platform is destroyed (#46497)
fix - 8bde2dbc71 Update ngfor error code to be negative (#46555)
fix - 57e8fc00eb Updates error to use RuntimeError code (#46526)


Commit Description
fix - 74a26d870e Convert existing reactive errors to use RuntimeErrorCode. (#46560)
fix - 747872212d Update a Forms validator error to use RuntimeError (#46537)


Commit Description
fix - d6fac9e914 Ensure that new RouterOutlet instances work after old ones are destroyed (#46554)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Bezael, Chad Ramos, Chellappan, Cédric Exbrayat, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, Jeremy Meiss, Jessica Janiuk, Joey Perrott, KMathy, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Paul Gschwendtner, Pawel Kozlowski, Ramesh Thiruchelvam, Vaibhav Kumar, arturovt, dario-piotrowicz and renovate[bot]

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