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24 months ago

14.0.0-rc.2 (2022-05-25)



  • The initialValueIsDefault option has been deprecated and replaced with the otherwise-identical nonNullable option, for the sake of naming consistency.
  • It is now deprecated to provide both AbstractControlOptions and an async validators argument to a FormControl. Previously, the async validators would just be silently dropped, resulting in a probably buggy forms. Now, the constructor call is deprecated, and Angular will print a warning in devmode.


Commit Description
perf - 21a04ef5be use allowedInputs to avoid fs.stat (#46069)


Commit Description
fix - f2e5234e07 update unknown tag error for aot standalone components (#45919)


Commit Description
fix - 701405fa71 handle AOT-compiled standalone components in TestBed correctly (#46052)
fix - ddce357d1d improve TestBed declarations standalone error message (#45999)
fix - 3172b4cc99 produce proper error message for unknown props on <ng-template>s (#46068)
fix - 4f1a813596 restore NgModule state correctly after TestBed overrides (#46049)
fix - df339d8abf update unknown tag error for jit standalone components (#45920)


Commit Description
fix - 39be06037d Add a nonNullable option to FormControl for consistency.
fix - 2e96cede3e Warn on FormControls that are constructed with both options and asyncValidators.

Special Thanks

A. J. Javier, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Aristeidis Bampakos, David Schmidt, Doug Parker, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, J Rob Gant, Jan Kuehle, Jerome Kruse, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Nathan Nontell, Paul Gschwendtner, Pawel Kozlowski, Roopesh Chinnakampalli, Thomas Mair, Tom Raithel, dario-piotrowicz and mgechev

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