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14.0.0-next.2 (2022-02-07)

Breaking Changes


  • Forms [email] input coercion

Forms [email] input value will be considered as true if it is defined with any value rather
than false and 'false'.


  • objects with a length key set to zero will no longer validate as empty.

This is technically a breaking change, since objects with a key length and value 0 will no longer validate as empty. This is a very minor change, and any reliance on this behavior is probably a bug anyway.


  • This change may cause a breaking change in unit tests that are implicitly depending on a specific
    number and sequence of change detections in order for their assertions to pass.

  • This may break invalid calls to TransferState methods.

This tightens parameter types of TransferState usage, and is a minor breaking change which may reveal existing problematic calls.


    • The type of initialUrl is set to string|UrlTree but in reality,
      the Router only sets it to a value that will always be UrlTree
  • initialUrl is documented as "The target URL passed into the
    Router#navigateByUrl() call before navigation" but the value
    actually gets set to something completely different. It's set to the
    current internal UrlTree of the Router at the time navigation

With this change, there is no exact replacement for the old value of
initialUrl because it was enver intended to be exposed.
Router.url is likely the best replacement for this.
In more specific use-cases, tracking the finalUrl between successful
navigations can also be used as a replacement.


Commit Description
fix - e46b379204 implement missing transition delay (#44799)


Commit Description
feat - 38c03a2035 support years greater than 9999 (#43622)


Commit Description
fix - db6cf7e7c1 allow banana-in-a-box bindings to end with non-null assertion (#37809)


Commit Description
feat - 0072eb48ba initial implementation of standalone components (#44812)


Commit Description
fix - d5719c2e0f input coercion (#42803)


Commit Description
fix - 8dd3f82f94 Correct empty validator to handle objects with a property length: 0. (#33729)
fix - ebf2fc5224 incorrectly keeping track of ngModel with ngFor inside a form (#40459)


Commit Description
perf - 28393031b1 remove IE special status handling (#44354)


Commit Description
fix - a01bcb8e7e do not run change detection when loading Hammer (#44921)
fix - b32647dc68 Make transfer state key typesafe. (#23020)


Commit Description
feat - 791bd31424 set stricter type for Route.title (#44939)
fix - 64f837d2c0 Update Navigation#initialUrl to match documentation and reality (#43863)


Commit Description
fix - 202a1a5631 Do not trigger duplicate navigation events from Angular Router (#43441)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Daniel Díaz, Dario Piotrowicz, Doug Parker, Jayson Acosta, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Olivier Capuozzo, Payam Shahidi, Pusztai Tibor, Ramzan, Ruslan Lekhman, Sergej Grilborzer, Shai Reznik, TANMAY SRIVASTAVA, arturovt, dario-piotrowicz, iRealNirmal, jhonyeduardo, markostanimirovic, mgechev and zuckjet

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