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2 years ago

14.0.0-next.16 (2022-05-04)

Breaking Changes


  • initialNavigation: 'enabled' was deprecated in v11 and is replaced by
    initialNavigation: 'enabledBlocking'.


Commit Description
fix - 10691c626b properly cast http param values to strings (#42643)


Commit Description
fix - bb8d7091c6 exclude empty styles from emitted metadata (#45459)


Commit Description
feat - 9cf14ff03d exclude abstract classes from strictInjectionParameters requirement (#44615)
feat - 752ddbc165 Support template binding to protected component members (#45823)
fix - 32c625d027 handle forwardRef in imports of standalone component (#45869)
fix - 9cfea3d522 report invalid imports in standalone components during resolve phase (#45827)


Commit Description
feat - e702cafcf2 allow to throw on unknown elements in tests (#45479)
feat - 6662a97c61 allow to throw on unknown elements in tests (#45479)
feat - a6675925b0 allow to throw on unknown properties in tests (#45853)
feat - 29039fcdbc support TypeScript 4.7 (#45749)
feat - 401dec46eb update TestBed to recognize Standalone Components (#45809)
fix - f3eb7d9ecb Ensure the StandaloneService is retained after closure minification (#45783)
fix - fa755b2a54 prevent BrowserModule providers from being loaded twice (#45826)
fix - 4e413d9240 support nested arrays of providers in EnvironmentInjector (#45789)
fix - fde4942cdf throw if standalone components are present in @NgModule.bootstrap (#45825)
fix - aafac7228f verify standalone component imports in JiT (#45777)


Commit Description
feat - 2dbdebc646 Add FormBuilder.nonNullable. (#45852)


Commit Description
feat - dff5586d52 implement renderApplication function (#45785)
fix - 22c71be94c update renderApplication to move appId to options (#45844)


Commit Description
feat - 41e2a68e30 add type properties to all router events (#44189)
fix - d4fc12fa19 Remove deprecated initialNavigation option (#45729)

Special Thanks

AleksanderBodurri, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Charles Lyding, Cédric Exbrayat, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Paul Gschwendtner, Pawel Kozlowski, Ryan Day, Zack Elliott, cexbrayat and dario-piotrowicz

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