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14.0.0-next.14 (2022-04-20)

Breaking Changes


  • Queries including + will now actually query for + instead of space.
    Most workarounds involving custom codecs will be unaffected.
    Possible server-side workarounds will need to be undone.


  • The type of component on ActivatedRoute and ActivatedRouteSnapshot
    includes string. In reality, this is not the case. The component
    cannot be anything other than a component class.

  • Lazy loaded configs are now also validated once loaded like the
    initial set of routes are. Lazy loaded modules which have invalid Route
    configs will now error. Note that this is only done in dev mode so
    there is no production impact of this change.



  • The resolver argument of the RouterOutletContract.activateWith function and the resolver field of the OutletContext class are deprecated. Passing component factory resolvers are no longer needed. The ComponentFactoryResolver-related symbols were deprecated in @angular/core package since v13.


Commit Description
fix - f8a1ea0c11 do not error if files part of srcs are outside of package (#45622)


Commit Description
fix - 046dad1a8d fix issue with incremental tracking of APIs for pipes (#45672)


Commit Description
feat - 174ce7dd13 add ApplicationRef.destroy method (#45624)
feat - b568a5e708 implement importProvidersFrom function (#45626)
feat - d5a6cd1111 implement EnvironmentInjector with adapter to NgModuleRef (#45626)
fix - 57f8ab2ed8 better error message when directive extends a component (#45658)
fix - c6e0e3f6d3 improve multiple components match error (#45645)


Commit Description
feat - e0a2248b32 Add a FormRecord type. (#45607)
fix - ff3f5a8d12 Fix a typing bug in FormBuilder. (#45684)


Commit Description
fix - 76a9a24cdc encode + signs in query params as %2B (#11058) (#45111)


Commit Description
fix - f57e46c538 two-way binding completion should not remove the trailing quote (#45582)


Commit Description
feat - f4fd1a8262 Add EnvironmentInjector to RouterOutlet.activateWith (#45597)
feat - 4e0957a4e1 Add ability to specify providers on a Route (#45673)
fix - 989e840cce Remove unused string type for ActivatedRoute.component (#45625)
fix - 96fd29c6d2 validate lazy loaded configs (#45526)
perf - f13295f3a3 cancel the navigation instantly if at least one resolver doesn't emit any value (#45621)
refactor - 1d2f5c1101 deprecate no longer needed resolver fields (#45597)

Special Thanks

Adrian Kunz, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Dmitrij Kuba, Doug Parker, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, Ilya Marchik, Jeremy Elbourn, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Louis Gombert, Mangalraj, Marko Kaznovac, Paul Gschwendtner, Saurabh Kamble, dario-piotrowicz and ivanwonder

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