yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 14.0.0-next.13

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2 years ago

14.0.0-next.13 (2022-04-13)

Breaking Changes


  • Since Ivy, TestBed doesn't use AOT summaries. The aotSummaries fields in TestBed APIs were present, but unused. The fields were deprecated in previous major version and in v14 those fields are removed. The aotSummaries fields were completely unused, so you can just drop them from the TestBed APIs usage.


Commit Description
fix - 598b759d33 avoid errors with extremely long instruction chains (#45574)


Commit Description
refactor - 9add714b13 remove deprecated aotSummaries fields in TestBed config (#45487)

Special Thanks

4javier, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Dylan Hunn, Jason Hendee, Jessica Janiuk, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Michael-Doner, Michal Materowski and Virginia Dooley

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