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13.2.0-rc.0 (2022-01-19)


  • The CachedResourceLoader and RESOURCE_CACHE_PROVIDER symbols were previously necessary in some cases to test AOT-compiled components with View Engine, but they are no longer needed since Ivy.

  • The ComponentFactory and ComponentFactoryResolver classes are deprecated. Since Ivy, there is no need to resolve Component factories. Please use other APIs where you Component classes can be used directly (without resolving their factories).

  • Since Ivy, the CompilerOptions.useJit and CompilerOptions.missingTranslation config options are unused, passing them has no effect.

  • tap operator subscribe signature is deprecated

Instead of passing separate callback arguments, use an observer argument. Signatures taking separate callback arguments will be removed in v8. Details: https://rxjs.dev/deprecations/subscribe-arguments

Commit Description
docs - 9c11183e74 deprecate CachedResourceLoader and RESOURCE_CACHE_PROVIDER symbols (#44749)
docs - 9f12e7fea4 deprecate ComponentFactory and ComponentFactoryResolver symbols (#44749)
docs - 4e95a316ce deprecate unused config options from the CompilerOptions interface (#44749)
docs - 34d2292323 update deprecated form of the tap operator in http example (#44738)


Commit Description
fix - adc487fb75 apply setStyles to only rootTimelines (#44515)


Commit Description
feat - ed21f5c753 add injector input to ngTemplateOutlet (#44761)


Commit Description
feat - fa835b5a29 enable extended diagnostics by default (#44712)
perf - 5efebf87be reduce analysis work during incremental rebuilds (#44731)


Commit Description
feat - b49ffcd50e allow for injector to be specified when creating an embedded view (#44666)


Commit Description
fix - b66e479cdb support element accesses for export declarations (#44669)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Andrew Kushnir, AnkitSharma-007, Daniel Díaz, Derek Cormier, Dmytro Mezhenskyi, Doug Parker, Dylan Hunn, Jessica Janiuk, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Ramesh Thiruchelvam, Yousaf Nawaz, dario-piotrowicz, iRealNirmal, shejialuo and Łukasz Holeczek

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