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13.2.0 (2022-01-26)


  • The CachedResourceLoader and RESOURCE_CACHE_PROVIDER symbols were previously necessary in some cases to test AOT-compiled components with View Engine, but they are no longer needed since Ivy.

  • The ComponentFactory and ComponentFactoryResolver classes are deprecated. Since Ivy, there is no need to resolve Component factories. Please use other APIs where you Component classes can be used directly (without resolving their factories).

  • Since Ivy, the CompilerOptions.useJit and CompilerOptions.missingTranslation config options are unused, passing them has no effect.

Commit Description
docs - 9c11183e74 deprecate CachedResourceLoader and RESOURCE_CACHE_PROVIDER symbols (#44749)
docs - 9f12e7fea4 deprecate ComponentFactory and ComponentFactoryResolver symbols (#44749)
docs - 4e95a316ce deprecate unused config options from the CompilerOptions interface (#44749)


Commit Description
feat - a4ab6d6b72 add support for safe calls in templates (#44580)
fix - abd1bc8039 correct spans when parsing bindings with comments (#44785)
fix - ed67a074ce properly compile DI factories when coverage reporting is enabled (#44732)


Commit Description
feat - fa835b5a29 enable extended diagnostics by default (#44712)
feat - 73424def13 provide the animations for DirectiveMeta (#44630)
fix - fe3e4d6865 Handle ng-template with structural directive in indexer (#44788)
fix - 7316e72ec5 properly index elements when on a template (#44785)
fix - 100091ebf0 remove leftover _extendedTemplateDiagnostics requirements (#44777)
fix - d2ae96f742 skip ExtendedTemplateCheckerImpl construction if there were configuration errors (#44778)


Commit Description
fix - 5626b34264 consistently use namespace short name rather than URI (#44766)
fix - 94bfcdd9de error if NgZone.isInAngularZone is called with a noop zone (#44800)


Commit Description
feat - 72092ebd26 Allow a FormControl to use initial value as default. (#44434)
fix - f7aa937cac Make some minor fixups for forward-compatibility with typed forms. (#44540)


Commit Description
feat - af2a1317cb support completions for animation (#44630)


Commit Description
feat - 5a4ddfd4f5 Allow symbol keys for Route data and resolve properties (#44519)

Special Thanks

Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Dario Piotrowicz, Derek Cormier, Doug Parker, Douglas Parker, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, Jessica Janiuk, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Martin Probst, Oleg Postoev, Stephanie Tuerk, Tim Bowersox, Wiley Marques, Yousaf Nawaz, dario-piotrowicz, iRealNirmal, ivanwonder and shejialuo

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