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2 years ago

13.0.0-next.9 (2021-09-30)

Breaking Changes


  • It is no longer possible to use Route.loadChildren using a string
    value. The following supporting classes were removed from

  • NgModuleFactoryLoader

  • SystemJsNgModuleFactoryLoader

The @angular/router package no longer exports these symbols:

  • SpyNgModuleFactoryLoader
  • DeprecatedLoadChildren

The signature of the setupTestingRouter function from
@angular/core/testing has been changed to drop its NgModuleFactoryLoader
parameter, as an argument for that parameter can no longer be created.


Commit Description
feat - 62d7005a52 add strict_templates and experimental_extended_template_diagnostics to ng_module() rule (#43582)
fix - e0a72857cc construct a manifest file even when warnings are emitted (#43582)


Commit Description
fix - 8d2b6affcd correctly interpret token arrays in @Injectable deps (#43226)
fix - 8f7fdc59af not evaluating new signature for __spreadArray (#43618)


Commit Description
feat - 7dccbdd27b add support for Types in ViewContainerRef.createComponent (#43022)
fix - 66fb311d20 incorrect signature for initTestEnvironment (#43615)


Commit Description
fix - 3e37e8979d provide dom event completions (#43299)


Commit Description
fix - 988cca7ef5 do not fail for packages which correspond with Object members (#43589)


Commit Description
feat - 4f3beffdbf emit activate/deactivate events when an outlet gets attached/detached (#43333)
refactor - 361273fad5 remove support for loadChildren string syntax (#43591)

Special Thanks

Adrien Crivelli, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Bobby Galli, Charles Lyding, Chris, Daniel Díaz, Dmitrij Kuba, Doug Parker, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Pete Bacon Darwin, Rafael Santana, Raj Sekhar, Ricardo Chavarria, Teri Glover, dario-piotrowicz, enisfr and wszgrcy

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