yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 12.1.0-next.3

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2 years ago

12.1.0-next.3 (2021-05-26)


Commit Description
3d9062d fix(forms): Add float number support for min and max validator (#42223)


Commit Description
7f6213a fix(migrations): add migration to replace /deep/ with ::ng-deep (#42214)


Commit Description
3a6af8e fix(platform-browser): update started state on reset (#41608)

Special Thanks:

Alan Agius, Andrew Scott, David Shevitz, George Kalpakas, Igor Minar, Joey Perrott, Kapunahele Wong, Madleina Scheidegger, Paul Gschwendtner, Pete Bacon Darwin, Renovate Bot, Sam Severance, Teri Glover, Zach Arend, chenyunhsin, iRealNirmal, mgechev and twerske

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