yarn @angular/platform-browser-dynamic 12.0.4

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2 years ago

12.0.4 (2021-06-09)


Commit Description
200cc31 fix(common): infer correct type when trackBy is used in ngFor (#41995)
0dad375 fix(common): initialize currencyCode in currencyPipe (#40505)


Commit Description
b6d6a34 fix(compiler-cli): exclude type-only imports from cycle analysis (#42453)


Commit Description
50c87e8 fix(forms): the min and max validators should work correctly with 0 as a value (#42412)


Commit Description
34dd3c3 fix(language-service): fix autocomplete info display for some cases (#42472)


Commit Description
a77ec5b fix(router): fix serializeQueryParams logic (#42481)

Special Thanks:

Alex, Alex Inkin, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Chris, David Shevitz, George Kalpakas, Gourav102, Igor Minar, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kapunahele Wong, Kristiyan Kostadinov, MarsiBarsi, MrJithil, Paul Gschwendtner, Pete Bacon Darwin, Sam Severance, Santosh Yadav, Teri Glover, Tiago Temporin, Vahid Mohammadi, anups1, cindygk, iRealNirmal, kuncevic and mgechev

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