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13.0.0-next.1 (2021-08-11)


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| e49fc96ed3 | feat(forms): Make Form Statuses use stricter types. (#42952) |


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| bbad42310b | fix(router): ensure check for match options is compatible with property renaming (#43086) |
| 784671597e | fix(router): Allow question marks in query param values (#31187) |

Breaking Changes


A new type called FormControlStatus has been introduced, which is a union of all possible status strings for form controls. AbstractControl.status has been narrowed from string to FormControlStatus, and statusChanges has been narrowed from Observable<any> to Observable<FormControlStatus>. Most applications should consume the new types seamlessly. Any breakage caused by this change is likely due to one of the following two problems: (1) the app is comparing AbstractControl.status against a string which is not a valid status; or, (2) the app is using statusChanges events as if they were something other than strings.


The default url serializer would previously drop
everything after and including a question mark in query parameters. That
is, for a navigation to /path?q=hello?&other=123, the query
params would be parsed to just {q: 'hello'}. This is
incorrect because the URI spec allows for question mark characers in
query data. This change will now correctly parse the params for the
above example to be {v: 'hello?', other: '123'}.

Special Thanks:

Amadou Sall, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Daniel Trevino, Dylan Hunn, Erik Slack, Fabien BERNARD, George Kalpakas, Jeroen van Warmerdam, Joey Perrott, Jon Rimmer, Tim Gates and Vugar_Abdullayev

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