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14.0.0-next.10 (2022-03-30)

Breaking Changes


  • Keyframes names are now prefixed with the component's "scope name".
    For example, the following keyframes rule in a component definition,
    whose "scope name" is host-my-cmp:

    @Keyframes foo { ... }

    will become:

    @Keyframes host-my-cmp_foo { ... }

    Any TypeScript/JavaScript code which relied on the names of keyframes rules
    will no longer match.

    The recommended solutions in this case are to either:

    • change the component's view encapsulation to the None or ShadowDom
    • define keyframes rules in global stylesheets (e.g styles.css)
    • define keyframes rules programmatically in code.


  • JSONP will throw an error when headers are set on a reques

    JSONP does not support headers being set on requests. Before when
    a request was sent to a JSONP backend that had headers set the headers
    were ignored. The JSONP backend will now throw an error if it
    receives a request that has any headers set. Any uses of JSONP
    on requests with headers set will need to remove the headers
    to avoid the error.


fix - f03e313f24scope css keyframes in emulated view encapsulation (#42608)


feat - 2142ffd295propagate standalone flag to runtime (#44973)
feat - 6f653e05f9standalone types imported into NgModule scopes (#44973)
fix - 3d13343975better error messages for NgModule structural issues (#44973)
fix - 06050ac2b4handle inline type-check blocks in nullish coalescing extended check (#45454)


fix - d36fa111ebavoid Closure Compiler error in restoreView (#45445)


fix - b36dec6b5bnot picking up disabled state if group is swapped out and disabled (#43499)


fix - d43c0e973fThrow error when headers are supplied in JSONP request (#45210)

Special Thanks

Alex Rickabaugh, AlirezaEbrahimkhani, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Dylan Hunn, JiaLiPassion, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Maddie Klein, Michael-Doner, Paul Gschwendtner, Willian Corrêa, arturovt, dario-piotrowicz and zverbeta

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