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11 months ago

13.0.0-next.5 (2021-09-08)

Breaking Changes


  • The behavior of the SpyLocation used by the RouterTestingModule has changed
    to match the behavior of browsers. It no longer emits a 'popstate' event
    when Location.go is called. In addition, simulateHashChange now
    triggers both a hashchange and a popstate event.
    Tests which use location.go and expect the changes to be picked up by
    the Router should likely change to simulateHashChange instead.
    Each test is different in what it attempts to assert so there is no
    single change that works for all tests. Each test using the SpyLocation to
    simulate browser URL changes should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


fix - c6a93001ebsynchronise location mock behavior with the navigators (#41730)


fix - fc3b50e427exclude the SafePropertyRead when applying the optional chaining (#43321)


fix - 2efc18e675migration failed finding tsconfig file (#43343)


feat - 3c6b653089Option to correctly restore history on failed navigation (#43289)
fix - 95f3aecc29add more context to Unhandled Navigation Error (#43291)

Special Thanks

Ahmed Ayed, Alan Agius, Andrew Scott, Charles Barnes, Enea Jahollari, George Kalpakas, Ikko Ashimine, Paul Gschwendtner, Pete Bacon Darwin, William Sedlacek, dario-piotrowicz and ivanwonder

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