yarn @angular/compiler-cli 13.0.0-next.11

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10 months ago

13.0.0-next.11 (2021-10-04)


feat - a3960846daadd createNgModuleRef function to create NgModuleRef based on NgModule class (#43580)
feat - fe1f6421d2add getNgModuleById function to retrieve loaded NgModules by id (#43580)
feat - 81c7eb813cadd migration to opt out existing apps from new test module teardown behavior (#43353)
feat - 94ba59bc9denable test module teardown by default (#43353)

Special Thanks

Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Charles Lyding, George Kalpakas, Joey Perrott, JoostK, Kristiyan Kostadinov, dario-piotrowicz, iRealNirmal, mgechev and ultrasonicsoft

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