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10 months ago

13.0.0-next.10 (2021-10-01)

Breaking Changes


  • The WrappedValue class can no longer be imported from @angular/core,
    which may result in compile errors or failures at runtime if outdated
    libraries are used that are still using WrappedValue. The usage of
    WrappedValue should be removed as no replacement is available.


feat - 4886585875create transition for enabling partial compilation (#43431)
feat - 49b82ae561implement partial compilation APF v13 for ng_package rule (#43431)
feat - 274cb38e0bswitch prodmode output to ES2020 (#43431)
feat - 73ac50c447wire up partial compilation build setting in ng_module (#43431)


fix - ad6407dcd0handle invalid constructor parameters in partial factory declarations (#43619)
perf - 8878183521remove support for the deprecated WrappedValue (#43507)

Special Thanks

Daniel Díaz, George Kalpakas, JoostK, Paul Gschwendtner, Pete Bacon Darwin, dario-piotrowicz, little-pinecone and xiaohanxu-nick

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