yarn @angular/cdk 18.0.0-next.2

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27 days ago

18.0.0-next.2 "gahnite-globe" (2024-03-28)


Commit Description
feat - c345df788 theming: add mixin for customizing checkbox tokens (#28759)
fix - c932512ba theming: avoid re-emitting the same tokens from the backwards-compatibility styles


Commit Description
feat - 4473a379f core: add prebuilt themes based on M3
feat - b312b9491 schematics: use M3 themes in schematics
fix - b9d4048c5 chips: use concrete value for remove icon size (#28751)
fix - 457ce698f datepicker: datepicker row count inaccurate for screen reader (#28760)


Commit Description
fix - da980a80b a11y: support signals in ListKeyManager (#28757)
fix - 9c4e451da listbox: improve SSR compatibility by adding an _isBrowser check before calling _setPreviousActiveOptionAsActiveOptionOnWindowBlur (#28746)

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