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  • x-spread directive (Allows you to bind an element to an object of Alpine directives and they will be “applied” (similar to x-bind=“{}” in Vue)) #515
  • Now if one Alpine component on a page breaks, the others still work #447
  • You can now access $el from an x-data expression #479
  • Add support for animations in x-transition directives #498
  • x-model.number is now supported for checkbox arrays (all items will be cast to a numeric value) #558


  • $nextTick now waits until a transition is completely started (an extra tick) until being called #555
  • Because attributes are ALWAYS set in Alpine, some elements like “
  • If transitions are toggled too fast, there would be race conditions. Now overlapping transitions is supported (the previous transition is finished first before the next one is applied) #543
  • Allow nested components to be moved around the DOM and not be re-initialized #449
  • Checkboxes were being checked by default if a value binding was present #462
  • Expressions that use a “result” variable were running into a conflict with Alpine’s built-in result variable. “result” is freed up now #505
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