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  • Added NPM version to README #330
  • Added “nomodule” pattern to docs for IE11 build #365
  • Added .self event modifier: @click.self="foo" (will only run “foo” if the event originated on the listening target) #379
  • Refactored structure of x-for system #362


  • All Chromium and WebKit browsers were causing “keydown” listeners to fire on “autocomplete” #389
  • Accessing outer loop variables from inner loop variables was broken #357
  • Now we’re able to bind :value on an <input type="radio"> WITH x-model as an attribute #315
  • $nextTick was finishing before certain refreshes were finished updating #341
  • There was a bug in Safari that caused x-model inputs to make the cursor jump when the value was updated #367
latest releases: v2.5.0, v2.4.1, v2.4.0...
3 months ago