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Release 1.8.0
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New stable release series 1.8.


  • FlatpakTransaction has a new signal “install-authenticator” which clients can handle to
    install authenticators needed for the transaction. This is done in the CLI commands.
  • We now always expose the host timezone data, allowing us the expose the host /etc/localtime
    in a way that works better, fixing several apps that had timezone issues.
  • Fix flatpak enter which didn’t work in some cases.
  • We now ship a systemd unit (not installed by default) to automatically detect plugged in
    usb sticks with sideload repos.
  • By default we no longer install the gdm env.d file, as the systemd generators work better
  • create-usb now exports partial commits by default
  • Fix handling of docker media types in oci remotes
  • Fix subjects in remote-info –log output
    $ sha256sum flatpak-1.8.0.tar.xz 4364bce42994f2e8e8a44dfa068bafa1a77f542b8138fb04cbc064937e3a9d34 flatpak-1.8.0.tar.xz
18 days ago