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Release 1.7.3
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Changes in 1.7.3

  • Allow direct ALSA device access if app has pulseaudio access.
  • Flatpak now ships a sysusers.d file for allowing systemd to create the required users.
  • Fix issue in remote-delete where it failed to delete system remotes if it had to uninstall
    something first.
  • New library calls flatpak_transaction_operation_get_related_to_ops(), flatpak_transaction_operation_get_is_skipped() and
  • New options –[no-]follow-redirect in remote-add/modify
  • New spawn portal APIs to get real pid of launched app.
  • By default, all OCI remotes now use the flatpak-oci-authenticator.
  • Support flatpak remote-info and flatpak update –commit= to specific versions for OCI remotes.
  • Initial work in progress on using deltas for OCI remotes.
  • Fix race in the generation of when starting copies of the same app at the same time.
  • Minor fix in what locales are installed on update.
  • Flatpak uninstall now doesn’t fail if one ref (of many) was not installed.
  • Flatpak systemd transient units now have an app-prefix to match new XDG spec for
    cgroup names.
  • In some cases we previously downloaded the summary twice.
  • flatpak upgrade is now an alias for flatpak update.
  • Fix to selinux module to work without unconfined module.
  • Respect user XDG basedirs when finding users fonts and icons.
  • Fix issue where thread were sometimes initialized causing flatpak enter to fail.
  • Better error reporting when authentication goes wrong.
    $ sha256sum flatpak-1.7.3.tar.xz 90c68861ae2ff3579106539d301b1cfc61e510976d8b56771d650506a9360d58 flatpak-1.7.3.tar.xz
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