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Masktools2 2.2.11
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**v2.2.11 (20180105)

  • Fix: mt_merge luma=true: broken output when: 8-16 bits AVX2, 32 bit float: SSE2, AVX
  • move project to VS2017, vs141_xp toolset

Earlier changes
v2.2.10 (20170612)

  • Fix: luts internal buffer overflow (crash)
  • Speed: mt_inpand/mt_expand: 10-16 bits SSE4 (10-15x speed)
  • Speed: mt_inflate/mt_deflate 10-16 bits SSE4 (4x speed)

v2.2.9 (20170608)

  • Add “none” and “ignore” to valid values for “chroma” and “alpha” parameters.
  • Report error for invalid “chroma” or “alpha” parameter values instead of exception
2 years ago