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Dgraph v20.03.3-rc1
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  • Sentry Improvements: Segregate dev and prod events into their own Sentry projects. Remove Panic back-traces, Set the type of exception to the panic message. (#5305)
  • /health endpoint now shows EE Features available and GraphQL changes. (#5304)
  • Return error response if encoded response is > 4GB in size. Replace idMap with idSlice in encoder. (#5359)
  • Initialize sentry at the beginning of alpha.Run(). (#5429)


  • Adds ludicrous mode to live loader. (#5419)
  • GraphQL: adds transactions to graphql mutations (#5485)


  • Export: Ignore deleted predicates from schema. Fixes #5053. (#5326)
  • GraphQL: ensure upserts don’t have accidental edge removal. Fixes #5355. (#5356)
  • Fix segmentation fault in query.go. (#5377)
  • Fix empty string checks. (#5390)
  • Update group checksums when combining multiple deltas. Fixes #5368. (#5394)
  • Change the default ratio of traces from 1 to 0.01. (#5405)
  • Fix protobuf headers check. (#5381)
  • Stream the full set of predicates and types during a snapshot. (#5444)
  • Support passing GraphQL schema to bulk loader. Fixes #5235. (#5521)
  • Export GraphQL schema to separate file. Fixes #5235. (#5528)
  • Fix memory leak in live loader. (#5473)
  • Replace strings.Trim with strings.TrimFunc in ParseRDF. (#5494)
  • Return nil instead of emptyTablet in groupi.Tablet(). (#5469)
  • Use pre-allocated protobufs during backups. (#5404)
  • During shutdown, generate snapshot before closing raft node. (#5476)
  • Get lists of predicates and types before sending the snapshot. (#5488)
  • Fix panic for sending on a closed channel. (#5479)
  • Fix inconsistent bulk loader failures. Fixes #5361. (#5537)
  • GraphQL: fix password rewriting. (#5483)
  • GraphQL: Fix non-unique schema issue. (#5481)
  • Enterprise features
    • Print error when applying enterprise license fails. (#5342)
    • Apply the option enterprise_license only after the node’s Raft is initialized and it is the leader. Don’t apply the trial license if a license already exists. Disallow the enterprise_license option for OSS build and bail out. Apply the option even if there is a license from a previous life of the Zero. (#5384)


  • Use SensitiveByteSlice type for hmac secret. (#5450)
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