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musikcube 0.92.0
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  • fixed bug in the ffmpeg decoder where
  • added three new hotkeys:
    • M-P: start playback from the top of the current list of tracks
    • ]: jump to the next group in the current track list
    • [: jump to the previous group in the current track list
  • added the ability to disable terminal title upgrades in advanced settings
  • updated ru_RU localization (adem4ik)
  • optimized png files (adem4ik)
  • added zn_CN localization (Siheyuan98)
  • fixed a bug where binary stripping was broken for out of tree builds
  • added the ability to disable binary stripping via DISABLE_STRIP=true flag
  • fixed to use unix line endings


  • fixed a bug when downloading tracks without metadata, or metadata that contains invalid path characters.
  • fixed a bug where track downloads may get corrupted, and/or assigned an incorrect file extension
  • fixed a bug where flac decoding would crash the app
  • upgraded to the latest version of Android Studio
  • upgraded various dependencies


  • added new X-musikcube-File-Extension HTTP response header that clients can use as a hint when naming downloaded files.
one month ago