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musikbox 0.9.0
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  • raspberry pi build included in the release!
  • added new musikdroid android remote control! super userful with a Raspberry Pi. run musikbox in the background and control it from your phone.
  • added a new websocket_remote plugin that allows any client capable of communciating with websockets the ability to control playback and query metadata!
  • added settings UI for enabling/disabling plugins within the app!
  • added more granular volume control when adjusting below 10%
  • fixed a crash on shutdown while in track search view


  • added new sdk interfaces:
    • ISimpleDataProvider: can be used to query tracks, albums, artists, genres
    • IMetadataValue and IMetadataValueList: lists of metadata values and ids
    • IMetadataMap and IMetadataMapList: maps of values for resource ids
    • IPreferences for reading and writing preferences
  • updated sdk interfaces:
    • ITrack: added getId()
    • IPlaybackService: the ability to modify or replace the play queue
    • ITrackList: added const correctness
    • renamed IMetadataWriter to ITrackWriter
  • added the ability for plugins to register to receive IPreferences and ISimpleDataProvider interfaces via SetPreferences() and SetSimpleDataProvider, respectively. see websocket_remote for an example
  • fixed up PluginFactory to store and provide more metadata about plugins when querying them.
  • fixed a deadlock in PlaybackService when changing tracks from IPlaybackRemote plugins.
  • fixed another WASAPI audio endpoint routing bug
  • fixed some win32 project settings to allow profile guided optimizations (was broken for some plugins)
  • fixed ‘deprecated’ compiler warnings on macOS
  • seed the random number generator at startup
3 years ago