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0.83.0 changes:

  • #309: fixed a minor CMake configuration bug that could cause some formats (e.g. opus) to not get recognized on some platforms (e.g. linux).

0.82.0 changes:

  • Fixed a small bug that could cause dialogs to get partially obscured on certain versions of curses.

0.81.0 changes:

  • #308: audio decoding doesn’t work with older versions of ffmpeg
  • #307: database initialization issue (hectorm)
  • #304: Updated ru_RU localization (adem4ik)
  • Added an advanced setting to hide the star rating column

0.80.0 changes:


  • Added zh_CN localization (Siheyuan98)
  • Fixed #287: Window size not properly restored in Windows build
  • Fixed #276: Added the ability to rate tracks via r shortcut in all track list views.
  • Fixed #260: Added the ability to sort track list results via ^S" in search and browse views
  • Fixed #173: Show song artist and title in the terminal titlebar
  • Fixed #299: Windows drives disappear in directory browser after checking/unchecking “show dotfiles” option.
  • Fixed #257: Added an option to hide the command bar when not in command mode
  • Backported SchemaOverlay from upstream cursespp and use it in PluginsOverlay.
  • Added an advanced settings to the settings view and re-arranged things a bit.


  • Fixed #290: A brand new transcoder implementation powered by ffmpeg that supports ogg, opus, aac, flac, wavepack, and wma files. mp3 transcoding is still handled by libmp3lame.
  • Fixed a bug in FfmpegDecoder that could result in a pre-mature / incorrect EOF error.
  • Fixed #294: we weren’t properly querying the local DB for lyrics.
  • Fixed #293: bug parsing disc number in AAC files.
  • FIxed #298: bug decoding APE files. changes also include a complete refactor and overhaul of the FfmpegDecoder plugin to use modern, non-deprecated ffmpeg APIs.
  • Fixed #160: added support for WAV and AIF files.
  • Fixed #133: properly label and sort blank / empty category names as [unknown] and ensure they are returned at the bottom of their respective lists.


  • Allow for transcoder format selection in musikdroid’s settings screen. (Part of #290)
  • Upgraded musikdroid to use the latest stable Android Studio and other dependencies (ExoPlayer, AndroidX, etc), plus a bunch of compiler warning fixes.
  • Fixed #296: notification not dismissed on stopping playback on some devices running Android 10
5 months ago