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musikbox 0.8.0
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  • added support for Raspberry Pi running Raspbian!
  • added preliminary support for playlist editing. all editing is currently in the play queue view.
    • ALT+s: save the current play queue to a named playlist
    • ALT+l: load a previously saved playlist
    • ALT+x: delete a playlist
    • ALT+r: rename a playlist
  • added the ability to edit tracks in the play queue
    • DEL (win32/linux), BACKSPACE (macOS): delete selected
    • ALT+UP (win32/linux), CTRL+UP (macOS): move selected up
    • ALT+DOWN (win32/linux), CTRL+UP (macOS): move selected down
  • added the ability to enqueue selected tracks, albums, artists, or other resources to the play queue by highlighting them and pressing ALT+ENTER.
  • added better color fallback for non-mutable 256 terminal color palettes
  • fixed a crash when trying to play a track that has been removed from the database
  • fixed (maybe) an impossible-to-reproduce bug in PulseAudio where the output volume was not getting properly initialized
  • removed “esc focuses shortcut bar” setting. no longer useful.


  • fixed cursespp child view coordinates to be relative to their parents
  • cleaned up global focus model in cursespp
  • added IPlaybackService::GetPlayingTrack() to get an IRetainedTrack pointer to the currently playing track; bumped SdkVersion to 2.
3 years ago