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musikcube 0.70.0
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  • new MPRIS plugin for controlling playback on Linux (brunosmmm)
  • 64-bit binaries for Windows (note: Milkdrop only supports 32-bit)
  • ru_RU update (adem4ik)
  • it_IT update (alexpovel)
  • chocolately install instructions (majkinetor)
  • FreeBSD install instructions (0mp)
  • Dependency upgrades on Windows (libcurl, PDCurses, libogg, LAME, ffmpeg)
  • A couple small tweaks / fixes to widget focus behavior
  • Raspberry Pi 4 support
  • Debian Buster support
  • Ubuntu Eoan support
  • Ensure release binaries are stripped on macOS and Linux


  • Code cleanup and refactors with clearer names for major subsystems
  • Dependency upgrades, including ExoPlayer and AndroidX libraries
8 months ago