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musikbox 0.7.2
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mostly performance and architecture changes:

  • created new ‘src/glue’ package that contains code that can be optionally
    included and reused by other applications, but is too high-level for
  • cpu reduction and code simplification in ‘Stream’ and ‘Player’
  • cpu reduction in ‘MessageQueue’
  • reduced locking in ‘Player’ and ‘MessageQueue’
  • tweaked music library interface to optionally deliver results to a specified
  • moved ‘PlaybackService’ and ‘TrackList’ into ‘core’
  • optimized floating point sample scaling in the ‘nomad’ mp3 decoder
  • reduced cpu overhead when redrawing the transport view
  • added bare-bones, ‘proof of concept’ win32 application that includes ‘core’
    and ‘glue’ to present a very basic music player in just a few lines of code.
  • added a NullOut, an output plugin that doesn’t write to the sound card. useful
    for development and testing purposes.

bug fixes:

  • fixed default output plugin selection logic

win32 only:

  • fixed a crash in WASAPI stream routing
  • built with profile guided optimizations
  • fixed CRT in WASAPI and DirectSound plugins
3 years ago