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musikbox 0.7.0
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a big release with lots of changes to low-level machinery.


  • added a new “crossfade” playback mode that can be used instead of “gapless”. users can change this functionality in the settings view.
  • fixed audio artifacts in WasapiOut and DirectSoundOut when pausing and resuming playback multiple times very quickly.
  • fixed a really bad bug where dialogs could not be easily dismissed in some cases. this included the first-run dialog! yikes.


  • added Latency() and Drain() methods to the IOutput interface
  • reduced CPU load in some output plugins by being less aggressive about keeping the output buffers 100% full all the time. 75%+ fill rate should be sufficient.
  • generalized MessageQueue and moved it out of app, and into core so it can be reused for other functionality (e.g. crossfading)
  • added support for “mix points” in Player – get a callback as soon as a specific playback position is hit!
  • fixed DirectSoundOut to fall back to software mixing if hardware mixing is unavailable
  • fixed DirectSoundOut to start playback immediately, instead of sometimes requiring the buffer to be completely full
3 years ago