github clangen/musikcube 0.65.0
musikcube 0.65.0
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  • removed vcredist runtime requirement on windows
  • added support for Ubuntu Disco
  • added support for Fedora 30
  • prepared for lyrics integration, but still waiting for an key.


  • added a new “offline” tab to the browse screen
  • moved settings and other overflow options to the left side of the main screen’s toolbar.
  • added settings > advanced > diagnostics screen to show app runtime, wakelock acquisition time and status, and service status.
  • added a “download” option for song rows – this can be used to download songs for ringtones, or for playback in offline players.
  • added the ability to seek playback on secondary screens
  • removed some old settings that are no longer useful
  • updated to AndroidX
14 months ago