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musikcube 0.64.0
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  • migrated *nix data directory from $HOME/.musikcube to $HOME/.config/musikcube
  • fixed a bug in the Windows build where non-Latin character input was not working properly in all cases.
  • added a search “hint” in filter and category library views
  • fixed some super old bugs related to global focus tracking in cursespp
  • fixed cursespp::TextInput::SetHint()
  • redirect stderr output to ~/.config/musikcube/stderr.txt instead of /dev/null. bonus: works on win32 now, too.
  • merged upstream PDCurses into our own custom fork (win32 only)
  • updated ru_RU translation (adem4ik)
  • fixed the gruvbox_dark theme’s focused text input color


  • fixed a crash when trying to randomize a play queue of exactly 2 tracks.
16 months ago