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musikcube 0.63.0
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  • fixed a bug in pulseout where we were unable to recover from restarting the pulseaudio daemon without restarting the app (or switching output plugins)
  • fixed bug where opus files with an ogg extension weren’t being detected properly. added scaffolding for fixing this for other formats in the future.
  • fixed a Win32 file permission bug in gmedecoder
  • fixed FreeBSD user agent when performing update check
  • updated ru_RU translation (adem4ik)
  • fixed a missing sndio #include (Kistelini)


  • changed general music browse experience to be tab-based with with modern scrolling behaviors. this results in fewer clicks to find music and more screen real estate.
  • fixed elusive bug that would cause lock screen controls to stop functioning sometimes, on some devices.
  • massive cleanup and refactor to old code, making it more idiomatic, modular and easier to compose into different experiences.
17 months ago